Dodge Challenger Donuts *key trick*

got my buddy to stand in the middle while i slid the challenger around him a few times. used the key trick to completely turn off traction control. only works on the 09! the new ones you just hold the button in till everything shuts off.

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This was quite fun. The traction control was on on the first try, that's why it was a fail.

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2012 Challenger R/T - Turn Off ESP Traction Control How To
2012 Challenger R/T - Turn Off ESP (Traction Control) How To with STP (super track pack). There's been much talk about how to do it and the effects of doing so. So here it is. This method is what works on 2012 R/T with STP and all SRT-8 cars with Auto or Manual. My car uses only the one red warning light when partially off and full off. I.e. The Mr. Squiggly with the word OFF below. One quick push of the ESP Off button produce a chime and Mr. Squiggly/Off appears and puts it in 70% mode. You can do a little burn out from a launching start and slightly chirp the tires during hard shifts. Push and hold the button for 5-10 seconds to hear it chime again (whether it's in Full On or in 70% mode) and put it in FULL OFF. This will use the same Mr. Squiggly/Off icon in the temp gauge, but now also state ESP Deactivated in the Odometer. Full off you can roast the tires from a standing start with ease. Also use this when on the Dyno or at the drag strip. Full off does COMPLETELY turn off the ABS, BAS, ESP! If you are not of the Muscle Car era, be careful. This will make your Chally roll like the old days and you will need to know how to handle it. Being from that era, I can say that it's nice to have ESP as you don't have to worry nearly as much about getting out of control when on it hard. But fun to turn off when needed. Be safe. Links: