Suzuki Alto Works RS/Z - Mountain Racer 1

Tuned up Alto Works thrashes around a Japanese mountain road, main rival of the TR-XX.

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Gunsai Touge Attack // Alto Works
A lap around the Gunsai Touge in Yuta Saito's Suzuki Alto Works.

Suzuki Alto Works
suzuki alto works 660cc turbo manual... to vendendo rs

アルトワークス RS/X オートジュエル N1 マフラー - ALTO WORKS N1 muffler Sound
車種:アルトワークス RS/X E/G:F6A ツインカム 吸気系:テイクオフ エアクリーナー 撮影場所:日本海 間瀬サーキット car:ALTO WORKS RS/X E/G:F6A TWINCAM inteke system:take off air cleaner Taking place:nihonkai maze circuit

Daihatsu Mira Cuore/Domino L55V
This is the very first generation Daihatsu Mira. The very first ones (like this) were called Daihatsu Mira Cuore, but the Cuore name was dropped after a while. In Europe it was known as the Domino and it received a different engine. Under the bonnet of this lies a very raspy 550cc 2-Cylinder (yes, 2) 4-Valve engine packing 29ps. Later, there was also a turbocharged version and if anyone has any video of one of those I will be your best friend forever and come to your house and we can have fish fingers and I will bring Jammie Dodgers maybe. This video is from a classics and sports car dealer in Japan.