galant vr4 building boost on the studderbox..

16psi baby.. evo 3 16g power...

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4g63 Cat vs Test Pipe vs o2 Dump
1991 Galant VR4 comparison between Magnaflow 3" hi flow cat, test pipe, and open dump from o2 housing. Car has full 3" turbo back Exhaust, Evo III 16g turbo, and stock motor. #967/2000

vr4 screaming like fuk
dis my vr4 (evo 0) wen dis video was recorded it was Boosting 10 psi but now itz Boosting 22 psi lol fukn nutz

1991 Galant VR4 (EVO 0) 563 awhp!
563 awhp (24 psi)

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