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Leo Parente and ShakeDown parse facts on Dodge leaving NASCAR and SRT Viper joining the American Le Mans Series in its quest to return to the LM24. Why did Penske leave Dodge? Why did Dodge not attract a replacement team? What does Viper Racing need to do to work - For Chrysler, racing fans, and car enthusiasts? And then we have Dodge / SRT / Ram in Global RallyCross, SuperCross, TORC racing. All to get "younger, hipper, cooler"? Something NASCAR's declining popularity does not deliver. But, Olympics Rowing does? Links - Bonneville Salt Flats August 11-17 Pikes Peak August 12 SD Viper Debut Interview SD Viper Rumors SD SRT SoundBite from NAIAS

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Challenger Hellcat Vs Dodge Viper 1/2 Mile
Stock Challenger Hellcat VS Stock Dodge Viper Results: Hellcat: (Best run: 156.3586) 154.7455, 150.6024, 155.0655, 155.2795, 155.4941, 155.3867, 155.2795, 154.7455, 154.6392, 155.6017, 156.3586, 155.1724, 153.8988, 154.7455, 154.8520, 154.5330, 155.8172, 156.3586, 155.3867, 156.0333, Viper: (Best run: 155.2795) 155.0655, 155.2795, 154.8520, 149.5017, 154.5330, 154.6392, 152.7495, 152.6459, 154.3210, 153.3742, 155.2795 , 153.3742, 152.7495, 151.4132, 49.1588 148.2213, 150.7033, 151.4132, 153.1654, 152.2327, Running the 1/2 mile at Sulphur Springs Airport in Texas. At the WannaGoFast event

7 interesting facts about Dodge. Lie or true? Try to guess!
There seven curious facts about Dodge. We collected the most interesting thing about the Dodge. Attention! One from the 7 facts is lie. We specially included it in the list, that you would try to guess, what is a lie and what is the truth. Can you guess? You will know a correct an-swer at the end of the video. In this video: • What means name of the car brand Dodge? • What type of body became a fashion after the emergence of the car Dodge Caravan? • Why appearance legendary «muscle car» Dodge Charger 1968 in its time was described by two phrases: «Coke bottle styling» and «Blind muzzle»? • Why were invited specialists from Lamborghini at work on the car Dodge Viper? • Which pickup of brand Dodge is considered the most beautiful pickup in the world? • Due to what Dodge Charger Daytona set a speed record in racing NASCAR? • How started engines of car of brand Dodge in the early 20th century, by means of the handle or an electric starter? 0:14 Fact#1 The design of a Muscle Car Dodge Charger `68: "Coke bottle styling" and "a blind muzzle" 0:36 Fact#2 Dodge Charger Daytona was the first car in the USA installed a spoiler 0:53 Fact#3 Dodge Caravan (in Europe - Chrysler Voyager) was the first American production minivan. 1:10 Fact#4 Dodge brothers and Henry Ford. History of Dodge company. 1:43 Fact#5 The hand crank and history an electric self-starter on a car. 2:23 Fact#6 Dodge Ram `94 is most beautiful and stylish pickup. 2:37 Fact#7 Experts from Lamborghini and V10 engine of Dodge Viper. 3:14 Which of the 7 facts is lie?

Dodge Returning to NASCAR? Fiat Chrysler CEO Eyes Brand's Comeback
After pulling out of NASCAR in 2012, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne might be ready to bring Dodge back into the sport. Marchionne spoke at the Ferrari World Finals, telling reporters he has talked to NASCAR executives about the return. For the full story, head to -dodge-returning-to-sport/ Produced by Ryan DeCosta

Dodge leaving NASCAR
Ralph Gilles, president and CEO of SRT brand and motorsports for Chrysler Group LLC, discusses the decision to withdraw Dodge from NASCAR competition in 2013.