Honda S2000 Toda ITB

AP1 with stock engine, Toda Torquie-kun manifold and Exhaust system with Toda ITB and Hondata K-Pro on a Dynojet 224xLC

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S2000 TODA ITB with K-Tech Engine Open Air Intake Sound ( 33mm Funnels & 88mm Funnels )
Open Air Intake Sound. 88mm Funnels Gives much truque at low RPM

HONDA S2000 F20C Kαi : K-Tech tuned engine with TODA ITB ( NA 294HP 29.2kg/m : Rebirth and Dyno )
Honda S2000 F20C Kαi K-Tech Tuned TODA 2.4 liter F20C Engine TODA ITB Motec M84 MXL Aim All setting by Stradale

Dyno Graph: __view__findpost__p__22171260 Final Number: 230.81HP on Dynojet at El Gato Performance, Kissimmee, FL Suzuka Blue AP1 MY02 with 123K miles on the engine C-West FRP Front Fenders Enkei RPF1 (17x7.5 / 17x8) w. Bridgestone Potenza G019 Grid (205 / 225) KW Variant 3 Coilovers Berk Technology Single Header Back Exhaust with HFC (CAT has been gutted) OBX Racing Individual Throttle Bodies Blox 3-port Fuel Pressure Regulator Edelbrock 3685 Fuel Injectors Haltech Throttle Position Sensor Haltech Platinum Pro Engine Management System

Honda S2000 with a TTS Performance Rotrex Supercharger Kit
The C38-81 Supercharger, with Front Mounted Aftercooler. Max Boost restricted to 10 psi (Customer Preference) by sizing the pipework and aftercooler accordingly. Engine Management using OEM ECU re-mapped with Hondata Flashpro. 2.0L 2006 Year DBW Honda S2000 (UK) Look through my videos for another one showning the car on a different Dyno about 6 months later. Very similar values given at the wheels. Also see the car on the Autobahn and Nurburgring here: