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Honda Prelude

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1979 Honda Prelude Commercial 2 "John Surtees"
Original 1979 Honda Prelude commercial aired in Japan for the New Honda Prelude. Features F1 England driver John Surtees. Check out for more information on the 1st Gen Prelude! All Rights Reserved to the "Japanesecarcm" and it's rightful owners of this video. Video is purely for informative research and will not be used otherwise.

1980 Honda Prelude
1980 Honda Prelude - Cherry condition after restoring it in 1990

My 1980 Prelude
My 80 Prelude

Honda in the 80s!
Honda's line up from 1980-1989. (U.S. Only) **Honda in the 90s and 2000s videos will be up shortly!**