SRT-4 Seafoam

Putting Seafoam in a 2004 Dodge SRT-4. Mileage was 106,000 at the time this video was filmed. Half of the can went into the intake manifold from the vacuum line, the other half went in the gas tank.

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Srt-4 50 trim cruise; Turbo XS RFL BOV 400hp
SUSPENSION: Hotchkis lowering springs Front 1" drop Tokico struts PERFORMANCE: turbo: 50 trim .63 RC 750cc injectors Wally 255 tuned with DSP 3" turbo back Mopar 3 cold air intake kit. JMB Oil catch can Polyurethane motor mounts Upper and lower hard pipe kit with a turbo XS RFL BOV. BFMIC GREDDY profec II BC Greddy turbo timer BOrg warner 8mm plug wires 180 stat Mopar short-throw shifter with bushings. Falken street tires 245/35/17 55mm TB APPEARANCE: Mopar badge Stage? Badge Halo Head light projectors w/ H.I.D. Depo LED tail lights 8 wide 5zigen black 5 spoke wheels Painted valve cover Black shorty antenna 20% tint all the way around. INTERIOR: Jenson 7 IN-Dash touch screen IPOD ready 600 watt Rockford AMP A pair of 10 power bass subs with box A pair of tweeters. Front two doors. Pioneer car door speakers. Dual gauge pod AEM Digital Air/Fuel ratio gauge AEM Digital Oil Pressure gauge Mopar Door Sills Set Neon SRT-4

SRT4 30psi vs Camaro +600rwhp
srt4 GT3076R

Malcolm Wards SRT4 swap into first gen (95-99 Neon)
Malcolm's first gen with SRT4 swap is now complete and everything is running perfectly. Malcolm did this entire swap himself, and it looks like his Neon came like this from the factory. Congrats Malcolm. Congrats on a great job.

Aftermath Of A Seafoam Treatment
A 2004 Subaru Wrx 4 Eat, That just got the seafoam treatment. I bought 2 cans: $20 1 full can in the gas tank the other 1/2 in oil, 1/2 in vaccum line, when feeding the vaccum line please make sure to pour slowly due to the foam causing your car to idle rough (let your car catch breathe as your pouring) and if you pour to fast your car will choke die and puke up the foam due to lost sucction in vaccum line , i used the bypass blow off line right in front. Obviously your car needs to be running during this process. After pouring is complete put everything pack together, and let the car sit for 5-10 mins to let the foam soak in and work. Then after that time frame start car up before of smoke and smoke trails and yes you will get dirty looks from passer bys drive car for 20-30 mins. Again I choose in town and interstate driving so i could hit wot. Once ran just make sure to have oil changed within the next 200-300 miles. Thanks for viewing