Fastest E-Bike on the planet

Update: Bike does not work anymore. Way more power than any bicycle should have. Check back for future projects. Way cooler electric vehicles for sale on the way! An E-bike we built in 2 weeks. Top speed is 60 MPH. The acceleration is unmatched. I am often challenged by cars for a race and never been beat. 15 horsepower max Briggs and Stratton motor running at 48V. In this video we compare it to a performance moped. We can not use it to its full potential, for risks of another broken chain. We have been through 5 chains, and 2 derailleurs.

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quicke spin up with newly installed chain/procket setup setup...

DIY cheap electric bike using cordless - drill battery
Electric bike using old motor & a drill battery. Due to volume of questions have disabled comments, soz, best advice is just have a go *See my TROGAN e- bike- FAST! =

10 kW Electric bicycle pusher project
Over christmas I gathered a few bits that I had knocking around and came up with this bicycle pusher. Originally I was going to make an electric scooter, but I didn't have anything lying around to make the front end so instead I thought I would attach it to my mountain bike! Power comes from a pair of 4000mAh 5S 40C (37V) Zippy batteries through a 200A ESC driving a Turnigy 80-85 170KV outrunner. There is a centrifugal clutch that transmits the power via a chain to the pusher wheel. These initial tests are promising and there is sufficient power to accelerate my 280lb frame from a standstill. As it is a bit icy outside my nerve gave way at 20mph, but there is way more to come! I need to figure out how to get more traction though as at the moment there is more than enough power to spin the pusher wheel! This wont be a problem if I can get the system working with a scooter as my weight will provide more than enough pressure on the rear wheel. Here is a link to the motor _Outrunner_50_80cc_Eq_.html

HPC- Burn Rubber, Not Gas! 100MPH Electric Bike Burnouts
Be sure to follow us: Testing the HPC Revolution High Speed Motor: Thunderbolt XXL This particular motor spins to over 100 MPH on its way to spectacular burnouts!