5.3 LSx Turbo Fairmont 2-3 Pull with High Quality Underhood Sound!!!

Ok, I have been getting some complaints about the sound quality. So, I put the mic under the hood right by the turbo. I think it came about pretty good and certainly captured that turbo at full spool....this is still on 13 psi. I really cannot imagine this car on 20. It is insane.

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Jimmy's First Drive in the Sloppy Built Fairmont
Straight off of over 28 hours of driving from FL to PA and back with no stops Jimmy decided his newly acquired Fairmont needed a little break in when it got pulled off the trailer.

5.3 LSx Turbo Fairmont...compilation of in-car drag racing from No Problem Raceway....
Here are the "other passes" from the day. You can see various shift points tried, different lockup points tried, launch techniques, etc. Really, the deciding factor with this car is 100% getting it out of the hole on Boost. When it comes out on low Boost, it clearly bogs...which kills my 60 foot times. I may have to break down and consider a transbrake for this car, I just don't know if I can hook it. Anyway, this should be the last track action for a little while. Forged pistons and ported heads going in soon. Maybe some other stuff....

Spalt takes the Fairmont Challenge....5.3 Turbo LSx Fairmont Ride Along
Took my friend Mike Spalt out for a ride today. Mike has been in most of my cars, way back to the wagon when I first got it in 2000. I think he had a good time here. I decided to leave the mic under the hood and capture the engine sound, I think the facial expressions speak for themselves. This is about 14.8 psi on WG spring. Spun quite a bit today, must still have too much air in the Mickeys.

5.3 LSX Turbo Fairmont Helmet Cam Ride Along
Wanted to test out something so I took the car for a short hop. With the M/Ts it dead hooks....which means that the speed piles up at an alarming rate. You really have to lift after a couple of seconds on the street. LOL.