Lotus Elan vs. Jaguar E Type Jarama 2006

The last 2 laps of the Tour of Spain race at Jarama 2006

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Lotus Elan (1600cc 4 cyl) slays 70's V8 and V6 cars Silverstone GP 2012
2 laps (first and last) of Silverstone GP onboard 1963 Elan as it overcomes the challenge of 1970's 6 cyl and 8 cyl cars.

the Police chase a Lotus Elan
December 1993, the 215bhp BBR Elan SE heads off on a crisp Sunday morning. A black unmarked police car containing an old acquaintance spies me pulling some unecessary and excessive G-force through a roundabout ! Download the VASCAR movie and hear the strange incessant banter from two of her majesty's finest....

HD Diana Rigg - Mrs. Emma Peel & Her Lotus Elan
Description Diana Rigg As Mrs Emma Peel With Her Lotus Elan

Thruxton Classic K race - Clips from on board Tooms Lotus Elan
On board in Paul Tooms Lotus Elan chasing the mighty V8 Griffith of John Spiers at Thruxton in August 2016 in a race organised by the Classic Sports Car Club (CSCC). Rain on part of the circuit added to the fun - a loose front wheel stopped the battle going all the way to the flag.