R1 extreme corner

07 R1 extreme corner Zdravko Turgovishkia

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Cornering - Risk Rider
Speed - Position- Gear --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Created by PJ Collins for the Motorcycle Council of New South Wales (http://www.mccofnsw.org.au) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Rider Risk is a series of informational videos for motorcyclists of all ages and experience levels, filled with practical tips and advice. We want to show you ways to improve your road sense and be a better, safer, more comfortable rider. Each episode's only about 3 minutes long but there's useful stuff here whether you've just started riding, or been on the road for years.

How to corner and brake on a sport bike.

Yamaha R1 2001 Layan Corner 8 Uniten
Saya budak baru belajar. Maafkan salah silap saya I am a newbie in superbike and video editing. Please forgive me for what ever mistake that i have done.

EXTREME ACCELERATION with a BMW and a PORSCHE look at how fast a Bike can go please subscribe and give your rating to keep the video alive