1988 camaro straight cat reving

this is a day time shot reving the engine with exhuast cut after cat but but didnt take out tail pipe so popo think its leagal.

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1988 camaro straight cat
muffler was clogged made the car run like shit took one night and cut off after the cat. left muffler and tip so cops still think its leagal. cant really see anything in the video but all u need to do is here. kinda long too. ill have new videos in the day time soon.

1988 camaro (the beast)
my buddy just bought this Camaro ugly on the outside but plenty of balls. its a project car and their will be plenty of videos.

1986 camaro z28 straight pipe
first start of a rebuilt engine

1991 Camaro Z/28 True Dual Straight Pipe Exhaust
1991 Camaro Z/28 5.0 305 TPI, true dual straight pipes.