Filipino Mom Reaction to C6 Z06 Corvette

a quick 1st and 2nd gear roll with my mom freaking out!

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Mom's reaction to Corvette Z06 *graphic mommy talk* IG:@Ton_Finnhead
Decided to take my mom out in my dream car that I was fortunate enough to buy. Def was a moment to share. LMAO love ya Mom *filmed in Mexico* road literally had one vehicle on it so stop whining

Mom reaction in corvette z06
Took my buddy's mom for a quick ride in my zo6 to see her reaction. she handled it pretty well, but you could hear and see her nervousness.

Z06 autocross passenger reaction
Passengers reaction to a first ride in a C6 Z06, I left the car in full stability modes by mistake.

Moms reaction to corvette
My mom gets upset over a ride in the vette. Quite funny though.