WHEELSTAND HIGHLIGHTS - Insane in car cam!!!

A few highlights from the 15th Annual World Power Wheelstanding Championships. DVD NOW AVAILABLE AT http://www.urbanhillbilly.us

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After a two year hiatus from competition, "Wheelie King" Brian Ambrosini took his place again on the throne of Byron Dragway's Power Wheelstand Championships. The win did not come without stiff competion. Chris Pearce was the early favoritewhen he carried his "Chinto" Pinto to a 500' Round 1 pass. And when three time Champion Jason Schubert took his show quality 1978 Olds Cutlass over the wall at 800' in Round 2 , it looked to be anyone but Ambrosini. Following clean-up of the Schubert carnage, the orange Gremlin came to the line as Byron's Ron Leek brought the capacity crowd to its feet. Amrosini immediately stood the Gremlin on its bumper, but just as it began to drop by 400', he was back on the throttle and carried through to 885'. With a borrowed wheel and tire on the left front, Brian Ambrosini and his family accepted the $10,000 check and a stunning trophy in the Byron Dragway Winners Circle.

Drag Racing THRILLS and SPILLS - Carnage Fest 2017
All drivers are OK! A look back and some of the wildest rides from the 2017 season.

Lisa Caldwell's huge 3 gear wheelstand in car

Motorcycle crashes WHEELIE FAIL edition
Motorcycle crashes, wheelie edition. Some motorcycle crashes are so funny to watch, especially the wheelie guys lol. HEY WATCH ME WHEELIE....NOT. IMMEDIATE FAIL. HAHA These motorcycle crashes hurt if your not geared up, so if your attempting stunts, at least make sure you've got the correct motorcycle gear on. tags: motorcycle fail, wheelie, motorcycle crash, motorcycle fail compilation