Moroso Drifting Crash Nissan 240sx

240sx crash while it again!!!!

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Buying a VQ swap 240sx S13 SCAM CAUGHT
* Filmed on GOPRO 3 edited with Windows Movie Maker* WE DID NOT INTEND FOR THE VIDEO TO END THIS WAY!!! We were hoping to come back with a VQ35 swapped S13 240sx but the test drive did not go as planned. The car obviously had more problems than just the ignition switch. We are not trying to blackmail or embarrass this "mechanic who does this for a living". We just want to inform the public to be careful when buying a car from a private seller because some of them are shady. The deposit was for him to hold the car and to work on it since he said the build was not finished and not running properly. After depositing the money, he said the car would be ready and reliable in 1 week. He kept lagging and pushing the date back till about 1 month later (when previous video was filmed). We were expecting a running/reliable car since he took so long but that was not the case We will keep you guys updated. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND COMMENT SONG: Peter Kuli - Too Many Thoughts.

D1 Drift Crash - Fuji Speedway
an S15 and a JZX100 crash while drifting at fuji speedway.please comment this video and subscribe to me

240SX drift crash + fire
240sx drifting at saratoga. Ended bad.

Drift Crash
drift crash