Turbo Civic Running From Cops

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Fast Turbo Civic Runs From State Trooper
RAW FOOTAGE: 11 Sec Eclipse VS 11 Sec Civic FILMED IN CALIFORNIA | Cops Later Were Looking For Gun Shell Cases, No Shots Were Fired

Boostedboiz - $200,000 Huracan Loses to the Budget

Honda Civic Si outruns cops
We are running smaller brakes in the front to fit radials but in this video the radials are not on there's stock 7.5 inch tires on 15s witch is why there's so much wheel spin. The engine is a k24 all motor build making 243 hp fwhp

Racing Random People in the Turbo Civic
Filmed in Mexico. This video is a few months old back when my civic didnt make as much powa, but was still a fun day we were surprised we found people to race just randomly driving on the highway