Crane Energizer 274 H06 Cam Rough Choppy Lopey Idle

This is my 350 with a Crane Energizer 274 Cam idling. It is not very big. The figures are 218/218 @ .050 274/274 adv .450/.450 lift

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Crane 274H06 Cam Chevy 305 Rough Choppy Idle
Farted around with tuning the 305. I gotta tighten down the headers but it don't sound too bad at idle. The Cam I am running is Summit K00172 which is the same as the old Crane 274H06. In Fact many people think Crane grinds Summits Camshafts.

355 sbc comp solid lift .525 lift 294 duration cold start

Best sounding cam ever
89 Mustang 383w afr 185 Holley 750 hp carb. Street car that's driven daily and raced on Friday nights

350 with Comp Cams Magnum 270H 112 LSA and 4/7 swap
This was my first time swaping a sbc cam. I left the 081 heads stock on my 350, but put new extreme push rods, 270h cam, and lifters. So, you can run a .470 lift cam on stock heads. I spent many weeks looking for that answer ans now I have the experience for my self. I also could not find a good sound clip of this special grind cam online- so now there is one....enjoy! Comp Cams Magnum hydraulic flat tappet grind #12-211-2, with two changes... it has the 4/7 swap and LSA is 112 (instead of 110). Built for 1.6 rockers, lift is .501"/.501 (If used with 1.5 rockers, lift would be .470)