Czech Police vs. motorbike

Police chase in the streets of Prague, capital of Czech Republic 31.8.2007

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Prague police chase March 21 2014 - on scene video
On scene video of a police chase in Prague. On Friday the 21st March 2014 several (I guess 2 or 3) police cars chased a Mercedes Vito (van). The chase ended at about 2pm in Prague's city center. As you can see the one cruiser drove right in front of the van and the van hit the cruiser (you can see the damage). It's very rare to see any lights behind the windshield of Czech police cruisers of the Policie ČR (federal police). Traffic stops (to check vehicles/ after someone did a violation) are a normal part of the Czech police system - they may be not as common as it is in the US but as for Europe it seems to be a good amount. Police chases aren't uncommon in the Czech Republic but I can't really see a good system how to safely stop them. If you'd like to see more of police chases in the Czech Republic: leho-ridice-srazil-chodce/1030437 aha Prague, Czech Republic, 3/21/2014.

Czech police cruiser having trouble through intersection [2.2014]
A cruiser from the Policie ČR (federal police of the Czech Republic) responding to a call. Note how he got through the 2 intersections and the squeezing tires (3 times!). The white Ford at 0:28 first appeared to stop but then took off... This plaza (especially this intersection) is a good place to see how emergency vehicles have trouble at intersections in Prague. Drivers in Prague don't take stopping for red lights, pedestrian crossings or emergency vehicles too serious as you can see in the video. Sometimes everything is alright and sometimes there are situations like this. But I also must say that they need more lights.. They have like 0 lights to the side. Intersection lights and lights below the doors would be good and effective (the new cruiser have LED lightbars). Awesome siren work! :) btw: This video inspired me for the title ;) Prague, Czech Republic, 2/2014. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Škoda Octavia z Policie ČR v Praha. Praha, České Republiky, únor 2014.

Prague (CZ) Fire, Police & EMS responding | ZZSHMP + HZS + Policie ČR Praha [4.2014]
Here's just one of some of my 3 in a row catches from Prague. At first you can see ambulance 222 from the Emergency Medical Services of (the capital city) Prague (Czech shortcut ZZSHMP) responding. Just seconds later a patrol van from the Policie ČR (Police of the Czech Republic/ Czech state police). Some seconds later after I tried to clear the lens of my camera you can see both engines from the central fire station responding the other direction than the EMS and police. I also don't know whether EMS & police responded to the same call. Prague, Czech Republic, 4/2014.

112 - Police intervention unit (PART 1)
Czech intervention unit. Zásahová jednotka