Czech Police vs. motorbike

Police chase in the streets of Prague, capital of Czech Republic 31.8.2007

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Zásah české policie. Czech Police super action against car thieves.
Zásah české policie proti zlodejum aut. Czech Police super action against car thieves.

High Speed Motorcycle Police Chase in Czech Republic
A biker leads Czech police on a high speed chase through Prague. visit us

UK Motorbike Traffic cops with with Suzuki Hayabusa Part 2
Continued from part 1 and also shows the traffic cops new unmarked Suzuki hayabusa cam catching road rage between riders and a car driver. No action was taken against either the riders or driver.

Hayabusa vs Cops
full throttle hayabusa vidoe with a few cops. there is one cop on the right at 4:45, then another one at 5:50 in the center median. enjoy and leave me comments so i know what you think!!!!