2001 Camaro SS Single 76mm Turbo 6Spd Run's

Brother was down last year and shot this video. turbo kit was custom made by me, single 76mm MPT turbo, Video was shot on12psi Boost.

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76mm turbo 2002 camaro SS 5.5psi
just taking Hugos new car for a spin.. TX cops are so cool.. thats why i put the pulled over clips in!!! not all cops are bad!!!

Turbo Camaro Loud BOV
This guy's Camaro is just insane. Listen to the turbo scream!! Video from streetfire.net http://www.streetfire.net/video/turbo-Camaro-street-run_2184028.htm

Turbo LQ4 Z28 - 14 lbs. - 76mm on3
turbo Camaro Z28, LQ4, TU1, on3 76mm, 4L80E, 2.73's, E85 Quick blast starting in 2nd gear shifting to 3rd.

an easy 600whp on3 performance turbo kitted 2001 camaro
just some TOONING today for this 2001 Camaro with a on3 kit, 7875 turbo, 80lb injectors, stock Camaro ECU on 3bar SD, intercooled methanol, nailing down an easy 600 tire on 12psi 14deg timing through the t56.