StreetOutlaws BigChief testing on the street

big chief

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1500hp Monte Carlo STREET BEAST
STREET BEAST as it's named, is a car that has most definitely proven itself on the street by winning Cash Days V and numerous other heavy hitting heads up street races / grudge races including this race featured at North Star Dragway in TX

Big Baller Coupe Crash (Street Outlaws) - OKC No Prep
Full length event DVD now available at . The DFW Big Baller Coupe from Street Outlaws was involved in this extremely scary roll over crash from the OKC No Prep Race at Thunder Valley Raceway Park. The throttle hung up at the finish line sending the car out of control and into the wall. Driver was OK due to a well built car.

560hp GT-R vs MUSCLE - Cali Street Racing
We were invited to a daytime street race event out in the boonies of California to hang out and street race all day long. One car that was willing to throw down with anyone was this bolt-ons GT-R from the Bay Area. The street wasn't hooking the greatest at times, giving this GT-R quite the advantage. Credits Song: Farewell - Pete Masitti -

Big Chief's New Paint, Love It or Hate It?
Big Chief from 'Street Outlaws' got some new paint on 'The CROW'. What do you think? Love it or hate it?