Front Engine Dragster

BIrd's Eye View from the Injection Stack of my Front Engine Dragster. I actually got a teeny tiny amount of air under the front wheels during the burnout - that may be a first.

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drivers view down drag strip!!!
this is TOM MCKEONS front engine!!!! cordova illinois and he won the race!!! the best et/mph sits with Tom McKeon's "Diggin It" at 7.08 seconds and 193 mph. check him oout @ nostalgia boys .com

Six Shooter front engine dragster - The Ride
Come along on a ride with front engine dragster Six Shooter, in 296 km/h! 392 Hemi from the best view...

WILD RIDES RACE CARS Drag Racing Crashes Wrecks Video
Wild Rides Race Cars Drag Racing Crashes Wrecks Accidents Nitro Top Fuel Dragster Bakersfield Nostalgia Videos Family Friendly A vintage drag racing crash and drag race accident compilation transferred from VHS and filmed during the 1990s at various drag strips including California Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California; Las Vegas Motor Speedway; Brown County Dragway in Bean Blossom, Indiana; and Southwest International Raceway in Tucson, Arizona. None of the drivers were seriously injured. NHRA Non-stop Thrills and Spills; Racing Bloopers and Breakdowns. Gassers drag racing. March Meet Bakersfield Brett Harris driving the Nitro Thunder top fuel dragster against Bill Dunlap in Mike Fuller's entry; wild burnout by Woody Wilhelm in his Fatal Attraction 1969 Camaro; Dave Uyehara; Dan Pettinato; and Kelly Wood. Goodguys March Meet. epic race car fail. NHRA How a Top Fuel Dragster Works

GoPro - 8 second Front Engine Dragster
On Board view of my ne2 front engine dragster at 155 mph