Crazy Wheelie at Bug-O-Rama, Sept 5 2010 Sacramento RaceWay

There is an actual race, but Down-N-Dirty just wanted to give us all a show with his 2nd gear wheelies. Hed bang 1st, the car would stand straight up, hed bang second lookin at the sky, and I swear the first time he did it, he caught some of 3rd before he came down, AMAZING!!!

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Tony Klink 10.82 Bugorama #79
Tony Klink my favorite pro gas car running a 10.82 on a last minute swap meet cam after breaking his camshaft the day before. Sacramento raceway 5-29-17 bugorama#79

phoenix vw bugorama 2010 crash
shot with a small handheld mini camera sorry about the quality its raw footage no editing! 6 crashes this day. the drivers is ok but the car is trashed. expensive stuff is ok. ran 12.20 94 mph through the lights after the crash. thanks to all the fans who helped us load the car up.

Bugorama 65 - 8 Sec VW - Red Baron
Bugorama 65 053010 - Eric Calabrese running 8 sec 1/4s at over 160mph.

v.w. bug wheelie
sacramento bug o rama 2010