Crazy Wheelie at Bug-O-Rama, Sept 5 2010 Sacramento RaceWay

There is an actual race, but Down-N-Dirty just wanted to give us all a show with his 2nd gear wheelies. Hed bang 1st, the car would stand straight up, hed bang second lookin at the sky, and I swear the first time he did it, he caught some of 3rd before he came down, AMAZING!!!

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Tony Klink 10.82 Bugorama #79
Tony Klink my favorite pro gas car running a 10.82 on a last minute swap meet cam after breaking his camshaft the day before. Sacramento raceway 5-29-17 bugorama#79

v.w. bug wheelie
sacramento bug o rama 2010

Fastest Water Cooled VW
This is Bug-O-Rama #66 at the Sacramento Raceway on Sept 5, 2010. There was nobody for him to race, it was exhibition. Thatsa fast car . . .

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