foam lance evo x

MTM hyrdo foam lance, you do not need to buy those expensive ones. This one does the job at half the price. Craftsman pressure washer 2700psi, 2.3gpm. soap is Maxi Suds II from chemical guys

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Self Service Wash - Foam Brush, Wheel Brush and Triple Wax
New Hoffman Car Wash in Vestal, NY has a new delivery system made by Hydraflex. The Simoniz products are delivered to our customers with a more reliable and simple valve system.

Carwrapping AUDI A4 multi-fix

Foaming a car with a Karcher Foamlance
Foaming a vehicel with an Autobrite Foamlance for Karcher with Supa Snow Foam concentration of 1:4. Purpose: to remove as much dirt as possible before touching the car with anything else like a microfiber wash mitt.

Washing Mud off Plasti Dip - How it holds up
Car: 2008 Lexus IS250 Video showing how Plastidip holds under extreme circumstances. Got the Lexus muddy then took it to a car wash to clean it and see if the material holds up. All content used with permission of the respective party. Music: ♫ "Clap Your Hands" by Walk Home Walk Home SoundCloud - Royalty-Free Music ツ ♫ "Beginnings" by Walk Home Walk Home YouTube: Walk Home SoundCloud: Royalty-Free Music ツ