Helmet Fights - Fights in motorsport

Speedway riders, mx riders and race drivers getting angry each other!

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WTF Moments In Speedway
This is a new series I plan on doing which involves scary crashes, weird moments, fights, and Nicki Pederson being a general idiot. Episode 2 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7OlAxDax4o For those who don't know Speedway is oval dirt track motorbike racing which involves the bikes riding as fast as possible with no brakes at 80+ MPH, in order for these bikes to make the turns at those speeds they need to drift using the throttle to prevent them from crashing into the fence. No fatal footage was included in this video.

Dirt Bike Fights And Tempers
From 1990 to 2012. Please note I know I'm missing some fights and stuff. I looked for 3 weeks and this is all I could find. But its most of the fights.

WTF Moments in Motorsports 1
I have permission from brad12kfan to remake this video series. I would also like to thank NascarNixon and pacmancucumber1783 for helping me find some footage. This video has some moments that make you think "what the f***!!!??" from Nascar, Arca, Indycar, Cart, BTCC, V8 Supercars, Rolex Grand Am Series, and others. #2 coming soon!!! Thanks to ESPN, Fox, Speed, and other television stations that show motorsports races.

Freestyle motocross crashes compilation on X games
motocross - very dangerous and an extreme sport... song: Cameron Mesirow - Save Me