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Op-com 2010V Diagnostic Interface For Opel
Warm Prompt: When you watch this video, please switch to the "HD" model! Otherwise, the words inside the video maybe illegible. Op-com covers almost all Opel cars, even new cars with CAN-BUS based diagnostic, such as Vectra-C, Astra-H, Zafira-B. The program supports many control units, like Engine, Automatic Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Engine Cooling module, Instrument Cluster, Electronic Climate Control, Body Control Unit, just to name a few examples. The program lets you to read out and clear fault codes, shows you live data, lets you to perform output test. Since Opel uses many pin in the OBD connector, the diagnostic interface works as a multiplexer, and selects the appropriate pin for communication. PIN3, PIN7, PIN8, PIN12 = Serial Link (ISO9141, KW81, KW82, KWP2000) For more information of Op-com, please visit: http://www.shopobd2.com/opcom-op-com-2010-v-diagnostic-interface-for-opel-p -47.html You can learn more OBD2 tools on http://www.shopobd2.com.

Video com Înstalação dos Driver do OPCOM, num Windows 7

OPCOM 1.45 on Windows 8 Tablet / OPCOM 1.45 ir Windows 8 planšetė
This video will show how good OPCOM diagnostic tool works with Windows 8 tablet. Video įrašas parodo kaip puikiai draugauja OPCOM diagnostikos įranga su Windows 8 planšete. www.autodiagnostikosiranga.lt

OP COM 08 2010 Full Install Guide With Commentary
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