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Opel Tigra - The Movie Version 2 HD

My Opel Tigra from the beginning...


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Opel Tigra project
Opel tigra by Matituning

Čičinka naše - Opel Tigra
Opel Tigra

Opel Tigra downhill Vodno 2K12

Opel Tigra Slide

TID Opel Tigra
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Opel Tigra Show
2.Tuning Expo Montedoro Freetime

Black Edition ´09 / Opel Tigra 1.6 16V
Opel Tigra 1.6 16V den ich im serienzustand gekauft habe und dann ein bischen dezent und auffällig getunt habe. Der Opel Tigra ist echt ein geiles und recht schnelles Auto, mit seinen 106,08 ps.Leider ist der Tigra nicht geräumig genug, so das ich mich nach fast einem jahr von ihm trennen musste und jetzt von meinem nachbesitzer weiter getunt wurde.sobald ich neue bilder habe, werde ich ein neues video erstellen und hochladen, da ich noch kontakt zu dem käufer habe :) hoffe das Video und Auto gefällt euch.Ist nichts besonderes, aber ein Opel Tigra ;)

Opel Tigra 1.4 1999r

Opel Tigra Hungarian Tuning Style 2007 - 2009 Modded By Cz

tigra 1.6 16v, turbinado, forjado e nitro, preparado pela box 7 em blumenau,rodando com 1,8 kg de pressão... imagens feitas com a camera do celular, por isso a baixa qualidade das fotos, mas ja dar pra ter um noção co carro.. logo estarei fazendo um video com ele rodando..

Kołodziej Dawid / Lachor Łukasz - Opel Tigra - KJS Wiosenny Super OeS Biecz 14-04-2013
http://www.rallyvideo.prv.pl - nagrania przejazdow wszystkich startujacych http://www.youtube.com/user/fukku666 Kołodziej Dawid / Lachor Łukasz Opel Tigra KJS Wiosenny Super OeS Biecz 14-04-2013

Tigra com Suspensão a ar!
Local: Contagem/Minas Gerais - BRASIL Data: 08/01/2011 Filmagem: Werner keifer Equipamento: NIKON D90 Proprietário: Leonardo

Opel Tigra dash¢er console
This is all wood, body filler, fiberglass body filler and other rest of older dashboard pieces. Wrapped in ecological leather. It's my first custom dash. Thanks for watching!

Opel Tigra,chevrollet tigra,Vauxhall tigra,Holden tigra, Tigra Twin top
Tigra MG.

Opel O-Mega becomes something else
Time to do something with our giant wheeled Omega. Tijd om iets te doen met onze Omega met grote wielen. Check out our playlists for more: Crazy Offroads: http://bit.ly/1fChTsG Amazing Car Jumps: http://bit.ly/1dTFl5b Own Creations: http://bit.ly/OTmdim Fire / flamethrower!! http://bit.ly/1pV2jBe Destructions!! http://bit.ly/NN949f Driving Away: http://bit.ly/NnwEJX Hangover-Cars: http://bit.ly/1c1gQYg Here you can find all kinds of video's and information about the crazy stuff the Sas-team does. Cars that can rollover forwards, cars being destroyed, amazing stunts and even some Music, it's all here. Mastermilo has been created to let everybody enjoy the fun things a Group of friends, that call themselves the Sas-team, do. The Sas-team was formed by a group of friends that did local dirt track races, and speedway races. When they stopped racing, they started making strange creations and doing insane stunts at their workshop. To show their friends and colleagues what they did every weekend they started recording it and posted it on Youtube. Now Mastermilo is a Youtube channel with a large fan base. We continue to do the stuff we like and our fans like! And we hope it will keep you entertained! To find out more about who we are, Subscribe to our channel!

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