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Opel Tigra - The Movie Version 2 HD

My Opel Tigra from the beginning...


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Opel Tigra Show
2.Tuning Expo Montedoro Freetime

Čičinka naše - Opel Tigra
Opel Tigra

Samochody Świata: Opel Tigra 1995
Bartek prezentuje swój sportowy samochodzik jakim jest Opel Tigra 1.4

Kołodziej Dawid / Lachor Łukasz - Opel Tigra - KJS Wiosenny Super OeS Biecz 14-04-2013
http://www.rallyvideo.prv.pl - nagrania przejazdow wszystkich startujacych http://www.youtube.com/user/fukku666 Kołodziej Dawid / Lachor Łukasz Opel Tigra KJS Wiosenny Super OeS Biecz 14-04-2013

TID Opel Tigra
Nie oryginalne radyjko i wyświetlanie daty na TID.

Opel Tigra 1.4 1999r

Heres the second part of my DIY video on tigra mods this will be the last one for the tigra as ive now sold this car to. but this always gives me another chance to come back with a new project to do some upgrades on and post more vids on here for insperation to anyone looking for ideas. next project car will be a peugeot 306 in silver i have had one of these in the past when i was a newbie at mods but as ive progressed through time ive been able to do more complex mods myself rather than taking cars to a garage to spend stupid money on getting simple things done. on my last peugeot 306 i had i did have a wicked set of led lexus lights, alloys and a peco 5" slash cut Exhaust wich sound good so they might be ideas for what im gonna bring back to this one time will tell. comments welcome but if they are negative they will be deleted as they dont stop me from doing mods on my car's so dont waste your time please i do these mods mainly for myself but post them on youtube to help give people ideas and show what cars would look like with certain items on. i would say please subscribe but im thinking bout changing the account name to something better suited to my videos wich ill changed soonish cheers people

Test: Opel Tigra B TwinTop Roadster
ab 00:00 "Auto Motor und Sport" ab 03:56 "Abenteuer Auto" testen den Opel Tigra B Cabrio (TwinTop)

Mein Opel Tigra 1.6 16v
Mein Opel Tigra Eine Kleine Anfangsgeschichte von meinem Tigra, wie ich den ersten Rost endferne


Opel Tigra :)

opel tigra kimera

Making Unique @ WZ

Encontro de Tigra 2010
Encontro de tigra em BH Abril de 2010.

Specky Tigra Turbo 2011 Mapping at RS Tuning in HD
Speckys tigra turbo being mapped at RS Tuning in Leeds in March 2011 after having some changes made to the engine spec throughout Winter. Previous RR results were 604bhp at 2bar. The results from this session...well the last graph shown on the video was 612bhp.... and there was still more Boost to come!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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