Holden Ad from the 70's

Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars! Australia's Own Car

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Holden HK Monaro - TV commercial (1968)
The OTHER HK Monaro commercial... Doesn't that price tag make you sick? Voice-over by John Laws...

The Holden Story: That's Our Car!
In this video from the ABC Science vault, Justin Murphy re-traces the history of the Australian car industry from the original Australian-made car, the 1901 Tarrant, through war, depression and war again - events that lead to the production of the first Holden. It’s a tale of challenges and triumphs as well as missed opportunities, and contains extensive and rare interviews with Sir Laurence Hartnett, the man who did more than anyone to create the local industry. This program was first broadcast in 1986, shortly after Sir Laurence passed away. It remains a definitive account of how the Australian car industry came to be. (c) Australian Broadcasting Corporation http://abc.net.au/science

Holden Gemini - Australian TV commercial / promotional film (1975)
One of the original TV commercials / promo films for the original Gemini. This marathon six minute effort (which was most likely used as a cinema short) was the longest - there was also a 60 second ad, and a two minute ad released at the same time.

Hey Charger TV ads
Various Australian TV ads for the Chrysler Valiant and Charger. Who could resist the "Hey Charger" call? Watch for Graeme Blundell and Geoffrey Rush.