1962 Dodge Lancer 383 4 speed

A quik trip thru 4 gears and then rollin into Wildcat

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Playin around in a 62 Lancer 383 4 speed!
Ed thought a car was comin so he missed part of me comin at him. He also left the camera on by mistake so you get to see some Wildcat Mtn gravel!! LOL. The video ends good!!!

1962 Lancer 4 speeed in car. Breaking the tranny
Broke the tranny. Blew up third gear, Broke the main case and the tail housing.

1961 Dodge Lancer slant 6 vs 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat
slant 6 225 beats

1961 Dodge Lancer at Mopars Invade Mo-Kan Dragway on 4/5/2014.
1961 Dodge Lancer with a Slant-Six at Mopars Invade Mo-Kan Dragway on April 5th, 2014. www.facebook.com/MoparMonstersOfTheStreet