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Yamaha YZ 125 project finished! and some reeving with a FMF gold Fatty pipe

this is an 1999 and it is pretty sweet


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Yz 125 Wheelies , Wheelies , Wheelies Gopro HD
Been doing a lot of practice recently & i'm pretty pleased with the results ! Practice makes perfect ! Enjoyy !!! Don't forget to subscribe & drop a like ;)

extreme powerband on yamaha yz 80
this is just showing how an old bike is still good and it hasnt had a top end rebuild in at least 2 years and old stock reed valves and 100% stock accept for front fender and handle bars so its very powerful

YZ 125 Rebuild Time Lapse (1)
My bike broke down yesterday while drag racing people on the highway, and i took apart the top end and subframe to see what was wrong with it. The whole process took me 40 minutes, the video is at 5x speed.

Yamaha yz 125 Rebuild
A yamaha yz 125 97 project i was 14 years old, just saying ^^

Blkout's Yz 125 Walk Around
Haven't did a walk around since the motor has been in it, decided too Let me know what you think ! Thumbs up ;)

2003 YZ 125 Quick Rip
Out for a quick brap on my buddies '03 YZ at the secret spot. Smooth bike.

125 YZ | Première sortie !
Enfin ! Nous passons au niveau supérieur ! Nous avons fais l'acquisition d'une 125 YZ. J'ai donc du vendre ma 125 YCF (moto verte). Mon pote s'en achèteras une plus tard pendant les vacances. PS: Mon pote ne possède pas de botte pour l'instant alors no rage ;) La 125 YZ est actuellement en rodage, je ne peux donc pas tirer complétement dessus. (Pas d'insulte ni de reproche dans les commentaires) De plus c'est la première fois que je conduis un 2T alors soyer négligeant ! C'est une année 2003 ! 2 jours après l'achat de cette cross, le câble d'embrayage s'est bloquée, j'en ai recommandé un qui se livra la semaine prochaine (j'aurais donc le temps de finir mon rodage et de vous montrer se que la titine a dans le ventre ! :D ), avec peut être une pot FMF Powercore 2 :D Cette yam est équipée de valve Vforce 3, la fourche avant est préparé, mais pas l'arrière. Voilà j'ai a peu près tous dit. Tchuss !

History of the Yamaha YZ 125
Here are pictures throughout the years of the legendary Yamaha YZ 125

Un-boxing The Pro-circuit. R-304
Just got my new Shorty.

Yamaha YZ 125 wheelies and fun
via Iphone5 playing around with my yz 125 2005 :) -in norway ;D 1080p :D Top speed in this video: ca 102 kmh :)

yz 125, kx 125 motocross
2000 yz 125, 1991 kx 125 having fun

1983 Yamaha YZ125 Brought Back From The Dead!!
Update 5/20/14: I really miss this bike. It was an awesome runner and never gave me a single problem. Perfect trail/play bike. Ran perfect just how i would believe a new yz 125 would back in 1983. I really regret selling it now. and this is more than 2 years later guys. Update 2/9/12: Just sold the bike for $550. Really need cash. As much as i hated to sell it i feel i got great use out of it. It was a beastly little old machine. In the end the bike was a little underpowered for me, but never failed me and was a great machine. I would definatly recommend this bike to anyone!! Update 6/12/11: Ive finally taken the bike out twice and it runs fantastic!!!! Needs fork seals but other than that its great. I love riding this thing. Feels good to get on a bike again. Enough power for the type of riding i do. If anyone knows where i can find a 6 cup paddle for an 18'' rim let me know. Im going to oceano dunes and i want to try it out there. No hard riding as a 125 is not very good for sand. just to play around on. This is my 1983 Yamaha YZ125. The bike has not been in service since 1989 or 1990 i believe. I got it for free from a friend. His grandpa bought it new in 1983 so its been in his family since new. When i got it home i cleaned out the carb, put fresh gas/oil, a new ngk plug, refilled the radiators, and refilled the trans with gear oil. started in 4 kicks. Not bad!! In this video I had not started the bike in a little over a month or so. I didnt have the choke on either and it was dead cold!! I just need a new chain, brake lever and an air filter and I'll be able to test her out. Another old bike saved from the junk yard!!!

Yamaha Yz 125 HD Motocross Circuit "Las portadas"
J.Manuel y Osvaldo haciendo una maguitas en el circuito de supercross de "las portadas" en Dos Hermanas (Sevilla). J.Manuel and Oswald doing supercross in the circuit "las portadas" .Located in Dos Hermanas (SEVILLE) Spain

Craigslist $360 Project, 2001 Yamaha YZ 125
Craigslist Project, 2001 Yamaha YZ 125, Listed needs piston $500.00. Got it for $360.00 and needed a lot more then just a piston

I've been looking for a 2 stroke project since the YZ250f was finished. It's finally here. Rough but will look great in the end. Check out my 250F videos! Please subscribe and thanks for watching!

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