Yamaha YZ 125 project finished! and some reeving with a FMF gold Fatty pipe

this is an 1999 and it is pretty sweet

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Yamaha yz 125 Rebuild
A yamaha yz 125 97 project i was 14 years old, just saying ^^

NEW PROJECT! Yamaha yz 125 1998 with new 2011 yamaha yzf 250 plastics
Subscribe and i'll make you a pro LOGO for you channel http://www.facebook.com/pages/GAM-Studio/188596184565204?sk=wall facebook page if you need some tips or what ever I've buyed a old yamaha yz 125 1998 just to do this project i've spend around 200€ to pimp it up a littl bit and the result isnt bad. Subscribe.thx

2003 YZ 125 Quick Rip
Out for a quick brap on my buddies '03 YZ at the secret spot. Smooth bike.

2003 YZ 125 with new FMF Powercore 2 Shorty.
Just installed a new FMF shorty, did quick start up and gave the bike a few revs to see how it sounds like over the stock silencer.