HHP Stage 2 Challenger SRT-8 Launching

Here's another of our Stage 2 Challenger customers, Ken. We just finished his HHP/BES Stage 2 Challenger build here at HHP Racing and he's hitting the streets with 150 more tire roasting horsepower. With some Asanti Rims and custom fenders from 402 Motoring, this is one Challenger that will really catch your eye... as it flies by you. Build includes HHP/BES Stage 2 Ported Heads & Intake, custom HHP/BES Stage 2 camshaft, Precision 2800 Torque Converter, Kooks Long Tube Headers, MOPAR catback, MOPAR CAI and custom Diablosport CMR Dyno tuning by HHP.

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HHP Stage 2 Challenger SRT-8 Idle
Here is a quick clip of one of our Stage 2 Challengers, the fastest and most powerful heads and cam package on the market. It has our HHP/BES Ported & Polished Heads & Intake, HHP/BES Custom Cam, Kooks Stepped Headers & High Flow Cats, Corsa Cat-Back, AFE Intake & Precision 3-Plate 2800 Stall Torque Converter

900HP 9-sec HELLCAT Blower Only Testing
HHP Racing has the FASTEST HELLCAT's around! This record setting Challenger makes over 900hp and we can't wait until it gets dialed in on Nitrous at the track. It is impressive what these 4500lb+ cars can do.

2009 SRT8 Challenger Stage 2 HHP Dyno Pull at CarbConn
Roys' 2009 SRT8 Challenger Dyno pull after custom SMR tune.

High Horse Performance (aka HHP) HEMI Advertising Video
Here's one of our advertising videos featuring some of our famous Rock Star HEMI's, including some Dodge Magnums, Chargers and Chrysler 300C's tearing up the roads and the tracks. Video produced by the famous Grinner Hester, LLC.