HHP Stage 2 Challenger SRT-8 Launching

Here's another of our Stage 2 Challenger customers, Ken. We just finished his HHP/BES Stage 2 Challenger build here at HHP Racing and he's hitting the streets with 150 more tire roasting horsepower. With some Asanti Rims and custom fenders from 402 Motoring, this is one Challenger that will really catch your eye... as it flies by you. Build includes HHP/BES Stage 2 Ported Heads & Intake, custom HHP/BES Stage 2 camshaft, Precision 2800 Torque Converter, Kooks Long Tube Headers, MOPAR catback, MOPAR CAI and custom Diablosport CMR Dyno tuning by HHP.

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HHP stage 2 cam charger srt8
Hhp stage 2 cam, headers and stall converter

2008 Magnum SRT8 HHP Stage 2R vs. Arrlington Magna Charger Supercharger Magnum SRT8 2006
I told tell my friend to get his Supercharger from HHP, he decide to go with Arrlington Performance. I beleve in running all motor so I got the High Horse Performance Stage 2 R package. Lets see which car was faster at the race track. HHP Stage 2R466 hp or an Arrlington Performance installed Magna Supercharger 507 hp?

Dodge Challenger R/T with stage 2 cam idle
HHP stage 2 cam JBA short tube header with catted midpipe Borla ATAK

2010 dodge challenger SRT-8 6 speed before and after HHP/JBA catless mid pipes idle/WOT
went ahead and tossed some catless mids on the plumb crazy car.. the car has a more mild Exhaust than the bee so it gives you another idea on how they sound.. the videos don't do it justice.. sounds so sexy.. this car will have before and after Dyno results mid feb for the little boy cam/ported intake manifold and the mid pipes.. we did a base line Dyno before and as you seen in the other videos the base line street pull.. I have all the videos for everything and will be putting something together later along with the Dyno sheet so you can see what the three mods are worth.. it was done on the same Dyno and only a few weeks apart.. its much better than comparing Dynos from across the state with another car.. that shits far from accurate! stay tuned!