Magyarország Első Gyorsulási Versenye 2012 Március 24.-én, Kiskunlacházán!

Az esemény linkje: Kiskunlacháza Repülőtér 47.191209, 19.062603 vagy +47° 11' 28.35", +19° 3' 45.37" Belépő: 2000 Ft/fő (10 év alatt ingyenes) Info: Info line: 06 30 / 9430-957

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Toyota Supra MK3 9.6@241 km/h 1/4 mile drag race april 2012. Hungary by RMS Here is our first single digit time on 1/4mile drag race. We have finished building the rear suspension and turned upt the bost to 2.2BAR with the GT4718 turbo. The traction was not 100% as we need much bigger rear wheels. We will continue the work on the Supra :)

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