Ford Aspire Autox Solo II Racing.mp4

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Ford Aspire Autox Solo II Racing II.mp4

1994 Ford Aspire Tribute Video
I finally sold my 1994 Ford Aspire. I bought this car in 2007 when gas hit the $4.00 mark in New Hampshire. I drove it all through graduate school while I was self-employed and it saved my butt with its awesome fuel economy. I never once felt like falling asleep when I drove this car. It only made 63 horsepower but it was an enjoyable ride. I sold it to my friend, who will hopefully take care of it for the next few years.

NYR-SCCA AutoCross Solo II "Race Wars II" 7/24/2010
A recap of the Novice and Pro section of the autocross held at Nassau Colloseum. Tried to get all of the cars that ran today. My apologizes if I missed a few. Enjoy! Pardon the quality. I will be posting up a HQ version shortly.

Geo Metro VS Ford Aspire RACE
Geo Metro VS Ford Aspire, ya its supposed to be funny.