Shawn Geers Crashing his Vw Pro Stock at CB Performance Pro Stock Nationals

Shawn Geers crashign his Vw Bug at the 2005 CB Performance Pro Stock Nationals at Virginia Motorsports Park in Dinwiddie, VA

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RIDE IN AN 8 SECOND VOLKSWAGEN PROSTOCK PART 2. Very heavily edited for obvious reasons, Tay felt sick about wrecking his car and I respect him and everyone else enough to only post the parts every one wants to see. Tay was OK and I have not heard if Jim Unger Race Cars got him back on the track or not. Thanks for watching. I pray to never see another racer go through this, but it is a part of racing.

VW Pro Stock drag racing video, 2001, Sacramento & Las Vegas
VW drag racing video, PRA Pro Stock class, circa 2001, from the VW Speed Scene video. These are tube chassis cars, running in an all-motor, pounds-per-cubic-inch class. By 2001, PRA Pro Stock drag racing had pretty much run it's course. Being competitive in the class took a lot of hard work, and it was expensive. Racers you'll see here include Danny Vaca, in the immaculate VW fastback, and Randy Bowen from Colorado, who could cut a light with the best of 'em. Damon Harmon, the legendary Texas PRA racer, hit the circuit hard in 2001, and of course Shawn Geers needs no introduction. "Dyno" Don Chamberlin is doing trackside announcing duties.

CB Performance - 2160cc Engine on the Dyno (made 162hp)
This engine is 2160cc (84 x 90.5). It uses our 84mm crank, 5.500 super race rods, 90.5mm Mahle Pistons, Ready to Run MagnaSpark Ignition, #2246 Eagle Camshaft with 1.25 ratio rocker arms, Dual 44 Weber IDF carbs, 1-5/8 A-1 Sidewinder Exhaust and Mini Wedge Port Cylinder Heads. Max power output was 162 @ 6000rpm's and 157 ft-lbs. of torque @ 4800rpm's.

2012 Pro Stock Nationals Vw Crash
2012 Pro Stock Nationals Vw Crash, Ben Pada racing against Ollie Frey.