The 2010 Hot Rod Drag Week is over and it was the best ever! To end the week of competition, Larry Larson threw everything he had at breaking into the 6's on what turned out to be the final run of the night. Here is the first video to show that very run! There's an on board view and an awesome super slo-mo to get a great look at the fire breathing Chevy II that Larry wheeled to a Drag Week record of 6.95. We had two street driven cars run over 200 MPH in the quarter mile, Larry in his Chevy II and Jeff Lutz in his 57 Chevy and both cars survived the grueling 1000 mile drive as well!

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Drag Week 2013 Day One: Bailey Runs 6.72, Quickest Ever at Drag Week
HOT ROD Drag Week's Unlimited class is the top of the heap, and currently, as of this edit, Tom Bailey is on top of Unlimited with the quickest ever recorded pass in Drag Week history, a 6.72 at 214 mph. Bailey's car, the "Sick Seconds" Camaro is a highly modified big block '69 Pro Mod, perfect for the dragstrip, but can it go the miles on the street? Stay tuned to find out. In the meantime, here's history in the making. Drag Week 2013 is presented by Gear Vendors and co-sponsored by Pep Boys Speed Shop. See more at HOTROD.com

Drag Week 2013 Day 3: Tom Bailey and Dave Ahokas
The battle for the Unlimited class is neck and neck, as the two blown, big-block-Chevy-powered Camaros tune and tweak their cars to put down 6 second elapsed times before time runs out.

Pain and Suffering at Drag Week 2010
Talk about HARD CORE! The guys who sign up for Hot Rods Drag Week are some of the toughest racers in the country, hands down. To endure 5 tracks in 5 days and over 1000 miles of street driving from track to track across 4 different states, is one of the toughest tests of man and machine there is. This video shows just a bit of the human suffering that is Drag Week. Keep in mind, these warriors come back year after year.

HOT ROD Power Tour 2014 Day 6, On the Road in Iowa
HOT ROD Power Tour 2014 is presented by Chevrolet Performance and driven by Continental Tire. This video is a simple action reel of cars on the road on Day 6 of the tour, driving from Crown Point, Indiana, to Bettendorf, Iowa. On this day, Power Tour also visited Heidts manufacturing facility and stopped in Byron and Dixon, Iowa. Is your ride in this video?