JMOD shift

want to know what kind of shift you get with a JMOD?

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The Official JMOD How-to Video by Rizzo
This video will take you step by step thru the Jmod Process. Please research your own drill bit sizes and fluid capacities on either or Thank you Andrew and DetroitP71! And feel free to join in on the conversation at Produced by Andrew Franklin, Rosario Schifano December 2012. For those with a '97 or earlier 4R70W should replace the outdated 1-2 piston. $9.28! _piston_p/270-000027958.htm

Before and After jmod ,2500 stall f150 0-60mph
This is my Before and After 0-60 build to my 4r70w tranny on my 2002 f-150 5.4l. It has all new frictions, plate seals, Jmod shift kit and 2400 B&M stall. Stock 3.55 gears were used for this video. Enjoy.

Post Jmod shift
Here's the 1-2 shift after the Jmod.

2001 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor Jmod 0-70
2001 CVPI After doing Jmod to the 4R70W transmission. im submiting this video of what the results and gains were from it im not 100% sure but it looks to me like i began accelerating at 0:51 and reached 70mph at 1:01 so 0-70 in 10 seconds maybe. not Super fast but works for me.