JMOD shift

want to know what kind of shift you get with a JMOD?

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The Official JMOD How-to Video by Rizzo
This video will take you step by step thru the Jmod Process. Please research your own drill bit sizes and fluid capacities on either or Thank you Andrew and DetroitP71! And feel free to join in on the conversation at Produced by Andrew Franklin, Rosario Schifano December 2012. For those with a '97 or earlier 4R70W should replace the outdated 1-2 piston. $9.28! _piston_p/270-000027958.htm

JMOD 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis LS (part1/2)
Just installed the jmod on my car this weekend and am very pleased with the results! I left the accumulator springs in so the shifts feel more like a snap of the finger rather then a punch. I think the shift responce is the same either way. Leaving the springs in seems to be easier on the transmission. (This video is driving through the subdivision)

93 Lincoln Mark VIII 0-80
0-60 mph.......5.9s 0-80 mph.......10.1s has an Exhaust and a fuel pump upgrade. Could be faster if The weather was cooler then 95 degrees and if I manually shifted. Also If my gas tank had 1/4 instead of 3/4 full.

My modded 95 Lincoln Mark VIII
short Go Pro video of my modded 95 Lincoln Mark VIII. 87K origional miles, lowered on air ride, smoked lights, painted grill, Mustang Cobra Hub and wheel conversion, Intake, ECU, 2 1/2" Stainless dual Exhaust, cats deleted, Magnaflow X pipe and dual magnaflow mufflers, consistantly runs a low 14 second 1/4 mile