Scooter How-To : GY6 Valve Adjustment (Also For Buggy + Kart)

How to adjust the valves on a GY6 engine, common in scooters and go-karts.

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Highly Detailed GY6 Valve Adjustment Procedure(Step By Step)
A Highly Detailed/STEP BY STEP tutorial on how to adjust the valve clearances on your GY6 scooter. Proper valve clearance is essential for ease of starting and peak engine performance. If you have never done this before(New to scooters), then this video is definitely for you. All necessary tools are listed in the video. Procedure outlined in the video applies to a few different engine sizes. If you need any further assistance, please post questions in the comment section. Suggested valve clearance is .005" intake & Exhaust, or .004" intake & .005" Exhaust. Both will work. I have used this exact procedure for 3 1/2 years with no problems, and racked up well over 10,000 miles. **You can find some replacement parts(Usually CHEAPER than Ebay) for your GY6 scooter at the link below. You'll also be supporting my channel. :-) Thanks For Watching! **Help support this channel by sharing this video, as well as my other videos, and posting links to these videos on other websites and blogs**

GY6 Valve Adjustment
In this Video I show how to adjust the valves on a GY6 150cc Scooter / Moped.

HasSse justerar ventiler Scooter 4-takt 50-150cc
De flesta 4-takt scootrar skall man justera ventilspelet på efter de första 100 milen sedan var 300 mil. Det kan också vara dags att justera om scootern är svårtstartad eller om du hör "ventilknatter" Här hittar du guiden i textform 4.html Här hittar du mitt forum ifall du vill ha hjälp med felsökning Ventilspel För 50cc Mät med 0.05mm bladmått Övre ventilen(insugsventilen) skall ha 0.05mm spel Nedre ventilen(avgasventilen) skall ha 0.05mm spel För 60cc - 80cc Mät med 0.10mm bladmått Övre ventilen(insugsventilen) skall ha 0.08mm spel (0.10mm skall nästan gå in) Nedre ventilen(avgasventilen) skall ha 0.10mm spel (0.10mm skall precis gå in) För 125cc-150cc Mät med 0.10mm bladmått Övre ventilen(insugsventilen) skall ha 0.10mm spel Nedre ventilen(avgasventilen) skall ha 0.12mm spel OBS! Har du frågor om 4-takts trim ställ frågorna i länken nedan Har du frågor om Speedfight ställ dem i länken nedan

How to do a Scooter Valve Adjustment - QMB139 / GY6 - Step By Step by Bintelli Scooters
Learn how to adjust the valves on your gas scooter or moped. Jason from Bintelli Scooters takes you through an in depth, step by step video of how to complete a valve adjustment. Visit us at No matter what brand of scooter or moped you have, the basic principles of valve adjustments is overall the same. This is a very in depth video that if you follow completely, you should be able to use to then properly perform a valve adjustment on your Chinese scooter or Chinese moped, no matter if it has a 49cc or 150cc engine size. We recommend that all scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles have a valve adjustment completed after its initial 500 mile break in period. If you are interested in purchasing a new scooter, please note that all Bintelli Scooters come with a 2 year limited warranty, nationwide dealer support, NGK Spark Plugs, Deni Carburetors, Duro Tires, Gates Belts, Halogen lights, Stainless Steel Hardware, Motobatt Batteries, and more! Visit us online at and to find a dealer near you! If you're interested in becoming a Bintelli dealer, please fill out the application that can be found on our website. Thank you for watching!