Clean a Carburetor Increase Fuel Mileage Easier Starting Smoother Acceleration

There is still a lot of vehicles on the road including classic cars that have a carburetor. Do you own a car or truck that has a carburetor. Are you trying to get your car to pass a smog check. Do you think you need a tune up. Have you noticed that on youtube that other videos show you how to clean the carburetor choke, but that does not clean anything inside the carburetor. So the other videos don't really help you make your car run better. My video: In this example the Holley Q-500 2 barrel carburetor, How to clean a carburetor cheaply and without having to remove it from the engine. This is a way that I avoided having to rebuild my carburetor due to it not working correctly. The problem that I had with mine was that when I gave it the gas it had a dead spot. In other words I'd be going along and give it the gas and it would cough and stall. A friend showed me that by only squirting carburetor cleaner into the fuel bowl and running the engine that it would clean it out. I tried what he told me to do. Right away the motor idled better, ran smoother, and gets better gas mileage. If you try this and it works then you have fixed your problem for under 5 dollars, and won't spend hundreds of dollars having a mechanic work on your car. It also helps if you do this before going for a smog check, it will help you pass. automóvil carburador limpio automóvel

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How Carburetor Works
Carburetor - Dramatic depiction of how gasoline and air mix to provide power in the automobile engine. -- Favorite this video and subscribe for future updates. AuttoSource - Your online source for interesting current & archival automotive videos subscribe: g+: facebook: twitter: on the web:

How to clean a gasoline carburetor upper engine (air intake) using Sea Foam Spray
HOW 2 INSTRUCTIONS view/print/download This is a great system for keeping those old carburetor car and truck chamber areas clean. Learn how to deliver a full can of Sea Foam Spray to a hot gasoline top end in a matter of minutes. Step-by-step, Brian shows you an easy and effective approach to cleaning hydrocarbon residues and deposits from valves, chamber areas and compression rings using Sea Foam Spray through the air intake throat. Go from heating the intake to accessing the carburetor throat, spray tube application and chamber hot soak. Use Sea Foam Spray to recover lost power & acceleration, overcome hesitation, rough idle, stalls, pings & flat spots. #seafoamworks #seafoam seafoam

BEST CARB Clean out Method - WATCH
BEST CARB Clean out Method - WATCH I sprayed a lot down the carb with both the throttle open and closes, in all directions. I then waited 5 hours before I tried to start the car. Don't try to start the car even in an hour or two because there is so much starting fluid the carb could catch on fire. I waited 5 hours and engine was still pretty flooded, but it did fix the carb and cleaned it out perfect. I found this worked on the lawnmower too. Gumout or any carb cleaner never did a good enough job unless you took everything apart. With starting fluid it will clean up a carb great without taking it apart. Just wait 4 or 5 hours before you attempt to start the engine.

How to fix clogged carburetor