Super Charged Dodge Charger Daytona vs. Infiniti

Uncle Dave's Charger has a Super Charger and some other mods....

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charger SRT8 vs infiniti Q50s
boltons Q50s 3.7 & 50 shot nos on stock map 91 octane fuel vs charger SRT8 6.4 catlicyts delete + filter + tune 438WHP rolling 80kmh-500meters

Corvette Vs. Charger
Sorry MOPAR guys.

Super Charged Dodge Daytona Charger - Drag Racing at Qualcomm Stadium
friday night races in San Diego

2006 Charger Daytona RT vs Gran prix GT
Daytona ran a 13.665 vs GP 14.24. The Daytona Bent a valve durring the run and was both the first and the last run of the night. of the night. Should have been running high 12s to 13 flat.