Aussie Sports Sedans 1986 Calder VIC

A great race between the Ex-Peter Brock Chav Monza, Bob Jolly in teh Chev Powered Commodore and of all things a 4 cyl Datsun Stanza. Great Race

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1970 - 1972 Touring Car Action Warwick Farm
Moffat brock beachey geoghan jane and many more little video of old touring car action for Warwick farm set to music.

1981 Australian Sports Sedans Invitation Sandown

1987 AMSCAR Amaroo Round 2 Sports Sedans

Australian Sports Sedan Championship 2002
This is Race 2 as broadcast on Trackside in 2002 from Sandown Raceway in Victoria. This was the final race in the 2002 Championship.