TDI "Blow Off Valve"

I did not make this BOV, I don't know how it's made, I don't know where you can get/buy it, and this is not my car. I do know that a BOV does not make sense on a diesel. btw. most people that installed this soon took it off because it lets of that sound every time you let off the gas pedal (imagine that on your drive to work).

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Funny Blow Off Valve Moments
When grown ups play with blow off valves - duck call and train whistle BOV video compilation. This is why you need a turbo car! Awesome Car Gadgets I don't own authorship to any of videos featured in this compilation. This compilation is made for entertaining purposes.

Diesel blow off valve
nissan navara diesel engine+bov controller. for more information please contact with the supplyer : or Facebook seach: moss trading moss trading or cellphone: +6012 759 8121.

How to Install a Dump Valve / Blow Off Valve BOV
How to install a Blow of valve aka BOV or Dump Valve in simple easy steps

How To Install A Blow Off Valve/Dump Valve (Sort Of)
Been wanting to do this all my life. Ive always wanted a car that went 'psssshhhh'.. and now i do haha! Initially i did just blank off the recirc valve, and the noise was AWESOME.. but since i am running 20 psi i think its time to give the turbine blades a bit of a rest and put a blow off valve on! The hardest part of putting a blow off valve on is blanking off the recirc valve, due to how fiddly it is, and i already did that in a previous video so today was very easy for me! I think i still prefer the flutter from before i put the BOV on, but its nice to change it now and again. This is a Forge blow off valve if anyone was wondering :) Dont forget to check out the merchandise website! and dont forget to add me on social media! I post lots of updates and teasers... ;) snapchat; leelockwood Instagram; itseelockwood Facebook; Lockwood Attire Twitter; itsleelockwood Thanks for watching lads! Hope you enjoy! See ya next time.