Triumph Speed Four Two Brothers Racing exhaust

Two brothers racing Exhaust

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Triumph Speed Four Leo Vince SBK Evo II DB-Killer Removal
Removing the DB-Killer of my Leo Vince SBK Evo II mounted on my Triumph Speed Four.

Triumph Speed Triple 1050

Triumph Speed Four [RAW onboard]
exclusive pictures on Instagram: LIKE my facebook page: --- Alright folks! Those of you who still think my riding's any special...TAKE THIS! I keep on repeating these words like some sort of mantra but ANYONE can ride quick on a CB500! And after 6 years of riding the same bike I kinda want to find out how I am dealing with actual motorcycles. Too bad almost no one is crazy enough to swap bikes with me. But sometimes I'm lucky and get a good opportunity like this one. Well... corner speeds like a crippled mule is the apparent result of me ending up on a "proper" motorcycle hahaha. But still a lot of fun for me to ride and (I hope) still interesting enough for you guys to watch! --- Google-Maps: bike: Triumph Speed Four with IXIL shorty Exhaust --- my camera: my RAW camera: my event camera: my selfie stick: my camera gimbal: my audio recorder: --- my editing software: --- my boots: my helmet: my knee sliders: --- camera: GoPro Hero4 Black Edition / 1080p/50 / SuperView / ProTune OFF audio: ZOOM H1 (see the tutorial video: edit: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 ---

Triumph Speed Four IXIL exhaust without db killer HD
Triumph Speed Four IXIL Exhaust without db killer HD