Triumph Speed Four Two Brothers Racing exhaust

Two brothers racing Exhaust

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Triumph Speed Four [RAW onboard]
exclusive pictures on Instagram: LIKE my facebook page: --- Alright folks! Those of you who still think my riding's any special...TAKE THIS! I keep on repeating these words like some sort of mantra but ANYONE can ride quick on a CB500! And after 6 years of riding the same bike I kinda want to find out how I am dealing with actual motorcycles. Too bad almost no one is crazy enough to swap bikes with me. But sometimes I'm lucky and get a good opportunity like this one. Well... corner speeds like a crippled mule is the apparent result of me ending up on a "proper" motorcycle hahaha. But still a lot of fun for me to ride and (I hope) still interesting enough for you guys to watch! --- Google-Maps: bike: Triumph Speed Four with IXIL shorty Exhaust --- my camera: my RAW camera: my event camera: my selfie stick: my camera gimbal: my audio recorder: --- my editing software: --- my boots: my helmet: my knee sliders: --- camera: GoPro Hero4 Black Edition / 1080p/50 / SuperView / ProTune OFF audio: ZOOM H1 (see the tutorial video: edit: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 ---

Triumph Speed Four Leo Vince SBK Evo II DB-Killer Removal
Removing the DB-Killer of my Leo Vince SBK Evo II mounted on my Triumph Speed Four.

2004 Triumph Speed Four with short exhaust
See title. No clue what brand...

Triumph Speed Four IXIL exhaust without db killer HD
Triumph Speed Four IXIL Exhaust without db killer HD