jdm front conversion build

Songs: 1st (intro) = borgore guided relaxation dub 2nd = Violin Dance DJ ZURAW 3rd = hardstyle masterz junior 4th = avicci levels 5th = Stand By Me Remix By DJ DeeMarie 6th = Scooter - Maria

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Acura Integra ITR Front Conversion
Acura Integra ITR front end conversion. This was done in my private shop and took about a week to prep, paint, break down, wire, assemble, weld and finish. I used a 1995 Honda Prelude hood latch cable that worked perfectly. I also needed to rewire the headlights, markers, signals and add fog lights. I added a four plug connector for low beam, high beam, fog, and signal. For the corner marker I purchased two pigtails plugs from a mid 90's Lexus LS400 at a wrecking yard. the side markers on the fenders used the factory plug from the factory markers in the USDM bumper. I will be making a video for the wiring soon. Thanks for watching! Music provided by The Dirty Deuces The Dirty Deuces (moonwalking) The Dirty Deuces (Ganja) The Dirty Deuces (Tiki Girl) All Rights Reserved to Skelton's ©2016

Integra JDM front end conversion HSG EP101
install of an integra front end conversion All music is original created by Mark Mckenzie and Dustin Blair.

Melissa's Stance JDM Front Integra LS
PNW local Melissa is a rare breed, she's an actual REAL female enthusiast! Check out her stance daily dc4 Integra. music: Otis McDonald "magic pt2" "look out she's america" "osky"

Integra USDM To JDM ITR Front End Conversion W/ HID
Newly installed HID Kit for the USDM model then got into an accident days later. Perfect time for a front end conversion to get the real deal. Still looking like a project car though.