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My new baby! The Satria Neo CPS R3
The standard Satria Neo wasn't really much of a looker to be honest. But when Proton finally introduced the CPS (mini little V-tec system) to the Cam-Pro powered Satria Neo, it finally caught my eye. I dreamt about the car for a whole 3 years. Till one day in the end of 2012, Proton had announced the last batch of Satria Neo CPS but this time in the R3 package. 3 years of waiting finally worth. Till now, I never regretted in getting the car. Credits to Astromance for the awesome music used in this video : Music : Humble (Original Mix) by Astromance

Launched just minutes ago, the Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Edition is the latest variant to roll out of the carmakers tuning arm, R3. Based on the Satria Neo, the car come with the CPS engine, tweaked to produce 145hp, 20hp more than the normal CPS variant. True to Lotuss principals, the cars weight have been reduced to aid performance, FRP side panels with carbon fiber hood and other lightened parts makes the car 100kg lighter then the CPS variant also. Suspension upgrade was done with the installation of Ohlin suspension set and the front brake system have been replaced with four pot calipers and a bigger and slotted disc from AP Racing. Only 25 will be produced in conjunction with Proton's 25th anniversary. We had a sneak preview of the car at the Proton test track; so get your copy of CBT this weekend for more details.

Proton Satria Neo R3 vs Proton Preve CVT
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