Bisimoto tuning of RB25 turbo powered Nissan Silvia

*sound quality suffered due to fautly camera microphone. This is a tuning sweep, after a partial throttle tune session, of a client's RB25 skyline powered Nissan, using the reliable AEM series 2 EMS. On board are forged pistons, aftermarket steel rods, AEM 3.5 bar map sensor, MAF delete, AEM 6620 ECU, AEM Boost control solenoid, turbo upgrade, 750cc injectors, custom Intercooler and AEM air temp sensor. Vehicle came in with poor drivability (Dynojet tuning), no tach signal, missing air temp input, and improper ignition timing. With all those parameters addressed the vehicle drives like a dream and makes a reliable (fuel and intake temp limited) 399whp and a whopping 372 ft/lbs of torque at only 17.5psi. Two upgrades will yield more power: an AEM water methanol kit (street legal), and replacement of the walbro 255 fuel pump with the AEM 320lph unit. Chris, the owner, understands the Bisimoto mantra: reliable power, guaranteed.

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RB25 turbo flutter
turbo flutter during revs, turbo chatter, flutter dump s13 240sx rb25 swap, mostly stock, custom fab everything

900+hp Nissan RB25/30 Calais - D'Annello Performance
Running a new personal best pass, Cameron's street driven Holden VL Calais is now cranking out over 850hp to the tyres thanks to an E85 fed D'Annello Performance Nissan RB25/30 turbo combination. Boost comes from a Garrett GT42 mapped by a Wolf V500 ECU. The car still retains stock rear suspension. Heathcote Park Raceway, Australia - July 7th, 2013.

Forged and balanced RB30 block RB25det Cyl head Head oil drain on rear External VVT oil feed GT3582 turbo 38mm wastegate HKS BOV Billet fuel rail HALTECH SPRINT 500 ECU

Nissan RB25DET S13 Dyno Tuning
Compiled video clips of my 91 Nissan 240sx getting the tuned at Innovative MotorWorks by J-K Tuning. It has a RB25DET with stock T28/T3 turbo, running on AEM EMS II. Which made 270whp @8psi There's a bunch of stuff done to the car, but I wont get into all of that. "Mystical Unicorn" is a name a friend gave my car and now every one call's it that. My nick name forf the car has always been "Sky-Via". Links: