Honda Japan Freeway

Honda's in Japan Freeway!!!

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Civic EJ1 Coupe -N36° japan
This is a japanese build of a EJ1- 1992-1995 Civic Coupe Team North latitude36°- japan

MUGEN CRX (kai) Team North latitude 36° special

XLR8 - You're So Hot DEBUT @ Party Pilipinas 032810
032810 You're So Hot - XLR8 DEBUT @ Party Pilipinas XLR8 (pronounced as accelerate) is an 8-member boy group from the Philippines created by Viva Records. It took Viva one year of auditions, dance and voice training and to find the right songs for the boys from producers Christian de Walden and Marcus Davis. Members: Adrian Muhlach Arkin del Rosario Jr. Aki Torio Carlo Lazerna MJ Magno MM Magno Kiko Ramos Caleb Santos - J&A Racing K-Series Powered Civic!!!
Checkout a feature video of Anthony's K-Powered Civic EG!! Checkout for your performance clutch application!! Checkout for more videos!!!