96 cougar vs 97 thunderbird

cougar: 4.6, cold air, pipes Thunderbird: 4.6 headers, underdrive pullyes and k&n air filter

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96 Mercury Cougar XR7 4.6V8, Hot Rod Red, Quick Blast to Check Camera Audio
Testing out the mic on the camera to see if it can capture the sound of a much quieter car. The hot rods I've been trying to film lately have been too loud. It seems the Cougar proved to be too loud as well, sounded a bit like a space shuttle launch. I'm going to have to devise a better way to capture the sound. Not an all-out tire smoking launch, but still a mildly entertaining look out the windshield.

Thunderbird Video_The Black pearl
Video production of my 1997 T-Bird LX 4.6 Litre eng replaced by 4.6 Litre Lincoln Mach VIII with superchip. Music score by Timmy Timm of Blackeyed Productionz. Music can be found on acidplanet.com soundtrack called, "Welcome to the last." Fitting since 1997 was the last year this body style was made for the T-Bird. Check out Kyaster on acidplanet.com as well.

Thunderbird 351 Windsor vs Supra Twin Turbo vs Super Coupe vs Turbo Coupe
very close race

Thunderbird and Cougar Clips
I edited together a bunch of video clips of Thunderbirds and Cougars. I'd like to thank the guys at TCCoA for their video donations. My user name on all my forums is ben_cline