BMW E90 335d acceleration 0-300km/h,powerded by PROFITUNING 350HP+ 700Nm

Performance GRAPH Stock acceleration BMW 335d M57N2 biturbo diesel E90 facelift 2009 stock 286HP/580NM profituning 350HP/700Nm measured on Dyno Maha LPS 3000 engine software remaped by profituning company DPF removed, modified Exhaust system and Exhaust manifold gasket ECOdriving 6,9l/100km Fullgasdriving 10,8l/100km FASTEST DIESEL on the road!!!

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M3 vs 335d

BMW 335D bi-turbo accélération 0-280 375ch 746Nm
Bmw 335d e92 bi-turbo reprogrammé à 375ch, 746Nm, une accélération de 0 à 280 km/h,

BMW E91 330xd 375,7 Ps / 810,9 Nm by BROO Performance
BMW E91 330xd Serie 245 Ps / 520 Nm Stage 3+ 375,7 Ps / 810,9 Nm (nach EWG) - 76er Abgasanlage ab turbo (Auf Kundenwunsch mit 100mm Titaneffekt-Endrohren und 335d Optik) - Stage 1 Ladeluftkühler - Pipercross Luftfilter - AGR off Auf Kundenwunsch lag das Augenmerk absolut auf Leistung, nicht auf rußfreie Abstimmung. Mehr auf oder bei Facebook

BMW 335xD F30 PROFITUNING STAGE 3 440HP 800Nm ACCELERATION TEST 0-300km/h - Measured with GPS VBoX Sport n highway - Fastest diesel in the world !! Breaking the 300 km/h speed mark !!! BEST TIME in 1/4Mile is 11,86s Stage 3: The most important is Profituning software modification stage 3 - safe for V-max driving Full Exhaust system with 1 catalyzator without DPF MG Motorsport PL FRONT IC Competition WAGNER TUNING V-MAX OFF ACCELERATION TEST BEST TIME: 0-100 km/h - 4,05s 100-200 km/h - 11,0s 0-200 km/h - 15,05s Measured with a professional device - VBOX Sport and MAHA LPS3000 more info: - more videos: Acceleration test 0-200 km/h: BMW 335xD F30 on Dyno: MUSIC: Two Steps from HELL - Protectors of the Earth