Glasair Sportsman: 360 vs. 390

If you're building a Glasair Sportsman, you have the choice of a 180-HP IO-360 or the beefier IO-390. Which engine is best? It depends? In this video, Kitplanes Magazine editor Marc Cook analyzes the pros and cons.

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Diesel Glasair Sportsman
For venturing out where 100LL is hard to find, Glasair now has the option of a Diesel engine in the Sportsman. Tom Haines files this pilot report.

Glastar landing rwy 1-Moose Creek, ID
While exploring Idaho backcountry airstrips we decided to drop in on Moose Creek. Elevation 2454. We were staying at Elk River, so we didn't bring our camping gear that day, but we'll be back! The recommended approach was down the Selway River canyon & a blind base leg for rwy 1. I came in high so as not to be surprised when I made the turn to final-had plenty of length to land long.

Sportsman TC
Glasair Aviation's Mikael Via introduces the new turbocharged, carbon-fiber-bodied Sportsman TC at Oshkosh 2010.

The Longworths build a Glasair Sportsman aircraft in two weeks
Our hard work but fun-filled TWTT (two weeks to taxi) Sportsman building experience