The Toyota FT-86, GT-86, Scion FRS - /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

One of the most anticipated new cars of 2012, the Toyota rear wheel drive entry level sports car with too many names: GT-86, FT-86, and FRS. Also known as the Subaru BRZ. Chris Harris travels to Spain to get the most out of a short session in the car.

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Toyota GT86 / Scion FR-S v Nissan 370Z v Used Porsche Cayman S - /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS
We know it works on track, but is 200hp enough on the road? You can get a 370Z for similar money. Or a used Cayman S. If the GT 86 can do the business here, it has to be one of the great cars of 2012.

Best & Worst of Owning an 86 - Long Term #7 FRS (BRZ/86) - Everyday Driver
We've had this 2013 Scion FRS in our long term fleet for about two years. Todd takes it on a favorite back road to discuss the best and worst of the ownership experience. This car has been sold! - It went to a new home a week after this video was released. Thank you for all the interest! NOTE - This is a re-upload due to a sound issue with the original file. Sorry about that. Subscribe for more videos on Thursdays. Listen to our Podcast "The Car Debate" on Tuesdays and Fridays. Join us on IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks for watching!

7 Cars Non-Car Guys Think Are Fast!!
Subscribe: *LANCER ES* - NOT GT (My bad) 🤦 Credits below! Le Fly - Danny Roberts - Bryce Womeldurf - davocano - Kārlis Dambrāns - davocano - Kārlis Dambrāns - Jon Rawlinson - Unique Pictures - (Licence: Creative Commons) DCJofMonroe - (Licence: Creative Commons) Brian Snelson - Yohann Legrand - RL GNZLZ - KirklandDCJ - (Licence: Creative Commons) RL GNZLZ - Chris14586 - Nacho - Richard Simons - (Licence: Creative Commons) Tommy Wong - Tommy Wong - Tommy Wong - Bruno Kussler Marques - Alexandre Prévot - davocano - Matt D - Lummi Photography - M 93: „Dein Nordrhein-Westfalen - Micheal Evans - David Villarreal Fernández - Mark van Seeters - Brian Kuehl - (Licence: Creative Commons) Mathew Cerasoli - Moto "Club4AG" Miwa - M 93: „Dein Nordrhein-Westfalen - Nikonian Novice -

What They Don't Want You To Know... BRZ/FRS HIDDEN FEATURES !
all the hidden features of the BRZ FRS that i know about, comment some you know of down below ! SUBSCRIBE for more ! Follow Me Here ! & My Car Here fresh start - joakim karud