Eurotopia testing Mercedes Benz E63 AMG

Eurotopia ( started on November 2012 in Santa Monica when a couple of driving enthusiasts came together looking to share a drive through some of California's most scenic roads. Ever since the beginning we've held monthly events and continue to do so to this day. Today Eurotopia is one of the fastest growing driving enthusiast groups in Southern California with 650 users registered on this forum/website. We have branched out to include other events like rallying, car shows, track days, etc.

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Mercedes E63 AMG- Select Luxury Cars
2008 Mercedes E63 AMG- This vehicle located at: Select Luxury Cars 985 Cobb Parkway South Marietta, Georgia 30060 // 678-622-5587 ass-E63%20AMG-Marietta-Georgia

Mercedes E63 AMG Onboard Acceleration Autobahn 250 kmh Drive + Kickdown W212 2014 4 Matic S
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Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Revving! Loud Sound! - 720p HD
This time I was on my way to a show, so I park my car beside the Maserati you see in the video and start filming the Mercedes. During my videoshoot the owner came and he allowed me to film it while he was revving it. The only condition was that I have to promise him that he wouldn't show in the video. So under the revving he ducked him self on a very funny way - to bad it´s not in the film. Thanks for watching, don't forget to comment and give a thumbs up! And follow me on Facebook